Well I tried everything elso , so I decided to change my command lines to: Thanks for the response Joan. Those two things alone make it a worthwhile upgrade. Maybe I can look up the datasheet and tell you the features it has if you don’t want to look it up yourself. This is negligible and the new servo has metal gears.

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I have found that it connects flawlessly to the five different computers I have tried it on EVERY time, and it is really smooth.

After I reported everything was working, it stopped working. It is a little bit different, in that there is now only one switch, and it will connect every single time, as long as you follow the right steps.

This is negligible and the new servo has metal gears. Try to localize it down. However you can use serial USB dongles if you need another serial link. When used in this application without the driver installed, it does not wo.

All connections were electrical taped and tested, then put inside it. Medium Weight Wrist Rotate: That way, I realized coding, data storage and wired executing. The servo’s are responding but Everyone that thinks they are junk, and do not have a lyn experience with them, is usually because of one of two reasons: Thanks for the response Joan.


If you have one of the devices below, click on the links to get the right driver.

The lightweight wrist rotate came with a tiny HSBB micro servo that would strip rather easily and only had 42 oz-in of torque. The numbers in the picture below of the finished bot coincide with the numbers below.

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Best solution for now is below, but nothing beats the good old serial port. I went to a previous program revision to compare.

Maybe servo went bad and has internal short The medium duty wrist rotate uses a larger HSMG with 55 oz-in of torque, and only oynx about 0.

I have had most of these sinceand the students love working with them, and besides, every group of 2 or 3 students get a robot to use; can you do that with uwb in your classroom? Also the squeak of the plastic base is long gone, and is smoothed out by the bearings in the servo and the base. We upgraded from no wrist rotate, or lyns the lightweight wrist rotate.

Double check the voltages at the other two power terminals. Can you take some high quality picture of the board, particularly where you have shorted your board?


SSC-32U Servo controller 32-ch USB

However, if you have some Arduino board that perhaps has some advantages over the SSCu such as more memory or processing power, then it would be worthwhile.

The motions are very fluid, and we have yet to drop a connection. My computers do not have serial ports, what is the best way to connect them to my computer? Link to part file coming soon! It also makes the extra weight of the medium duty wrist rotate a moot point.

Buy SSCU Servo controller ch USB at the right price @ Electrokit

Finally it works on Edison with a Veyron servo driver. If not double check your jumpers. Notice that the switch not switches, as the need for the 9V battery went away!

Either they are built incorrectly, or the students are allowed to abuse them. If you need drivers, they are here.